This Week's Services

Please note services at Temple, will be undertaken in line with Methodist Church and Government guidance during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you are unable to attend or are interested in the alternatives available, you may wish to check out the weekly recorded service for the Circuit, found here, which premiers each Sunday at 9.30am when there is also opportunity to use the 'chat area' available for the duration of the service. There is also a Zoom Meeting at 6.30pm see details below in section from Reverend Chris Brown.

You can also catch up on services on our Previous Services & Sermons page or you can join with other home worshippers or use the Methodist Church resources on our Home Worship page. Please also use our Prayer Page.

Sunday 26th June

Circuit Youtube Service: Rev Deborah Kirk

Available from 9:30 am - see Rowbarton's Youtube channel

Church Anniversary at 10:30am at Temple
led by Rev Stephen Mares



Call to Worship

Hymn: StF 677: Christ is made the sure foundation

Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

Prayer of Confession

“Our journey since leaving Taunton”

Hymn: StF 679: Come build the church

Readings: 1 Peter 2: 4-10

Luke 9: 51-62

Hymn: God who sets us on a journey


Hymn: StF 407: Hear the call of the kingdom

Intercessions – sung response StF 760: Mayenziwe

Lord’s Prayer

Hymn: StF 662: Have you heard God’s voice?


Lectionary for 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time:

2 Kings 2: 1-2, 6-14, Psalm 77: 1-2, 11-20, Galatians 5: 1, 13-25, Luke 9: 52-62

The Vine resources for those worshipping from home

Sorry unavailable this week

Methodist Church resources for those worshipping from home

Sunday 26th June (D)
A large print version is available at Worship from Home Resources

Midweek Service Wednesday 29th June at 12:15 pm:
led by Rev Deborah Kirk

Coffee, tea and biscuits from 10.30am with the service from12:15 -12:35 pm with a light lunch available from around 12:45pm. A fuller Church Lunch is served on the last Wednesday of the month.
All are very welcome.

Rev Chris Brown, Circuit Superintendent Minister - Circuit News

Rev Chris Brown has set up a facebook page 'TD&SS Methodist Circuit' for our Circuit

It is hoped that this will be a helpful way to keep in touch and to also share the latest information.

Chris will also be working on his blog

Please can you let as many people know about these internet pages as possible.

There is a Zoom meeting at 6.30pm fortnightly, taken by Rev Chris Brown and Rev Peter Thomas,
and a Zoom Bible study at 7.30pm each Tuesday. Contact Chris for details on joining in.

V - Youtube video link, A - MP3/M4A audio, D - PDF document
StF - Singing The Faith, MP - Mission Praise, H&P - Hymns & Psalms
MWB - Methodist Worship Book

Temple Methodist Church does not endorse adverts or other content on YouTube