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Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 6th June (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 6th June (A)
All Creatures of our God and King (V)
Song of Kingdom Come (Christian Aid) (V)
O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 30th May, Trinity Sunday (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 23rd May, Pentecost (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 16th May (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 9th May (V)
Virginia Pearson (A)
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation! (V)
What a friend we have in Jesus (V)
King of Kings, Majesty (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 2nd May (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 2nd May (A)
Lord, your church on earth is seeking (V)
Be known to us in breaking bread (V)
Let us build a house where love can dwell (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 25th April (V)
Glenys Allinson, Sunday 25th April (A)
I will sing the wondrous story (V)
When I was lost you came and rescued me (V)
Community of Christ (V)
May the peace of the Lord (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 18th April (V)
Rev Peter Thomas, Sunday 18th April (A)
Up from the Grave he arose (V)
Peter and John went to pray (V)
I will offer up my life (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 11th April (V)
Worship Leaders, Sunday 11th April (A)
Jesus calls us here to meet him (V)
StF 307 On the day of resurrection (A)
When Easter to the dark world came (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Easter Sunday 4th April (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Easter Sunday 4th April (A)
Jesus Christ is risen today (V)
Christ has risen while earth slumbers (V)
The day of resurrection earth tell it out abroad (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Good Friday, Friday 2nd April (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Maundy Thursday, Thursday 1st April (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Palm Sunday, Sunday 28th March (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Passion Sunday, Sunday 21st March, (V)
Rev Peter Thomas, Mothering Sunday, Sunday 14th March (V)
David Clitheroe, Sunday 7th March (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 28th February (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 21st February (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 14th February (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 7th February (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 31st January (V)
Gillian Flick, Sunday 24th January (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Sunday 17th January (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Sunday 10th January (V)
David Clitheroe, Sunday 10th January (D)
She sits on the water (V) StF 393
Holy Spirit Come Confirm Us (V) StF 382
The Church of Christ in Every Age (V) StF 415
A Blessing from the Northumbria Community (V)
Elaine Dew, Sunday 3rd January (V)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Covenant Service, Sunday 3rd January (A)
Ye servants of God (V)
Come let us use the grace divine (V) (instrumental) StF 549
Lord for the years (V)

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