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David Clitheroe, 3rd Sunday in Advent, 15th December, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 1st Sunday in Advent, 1st December, Temple (A)
Jennie Sleep, Violence Against Women Sunday, 24th November, Temple (A)
'It's Time to Act on Our Watch' - Our Watch (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Remembrance Sunday, 10th November, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 3rd November, Temple (A)
Chris McCallum, 20th October, Temple (A)
Rev Robin Hutt, 13th October, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk & Rev Dr Susan Durber, 6th October, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Harvest Festival, Sunday 29th September, Temple (A)
'Our Political Leaders Have Failed Us' - Greta Thunberg (Facing Future) (V)
Rev Tony Cox & Rev Deborah Kirk, Battle of Britain Sunday 13th September, Temple (A)
Rev Anthony Huxtable, 1st September, Temple (A)
Rev Robin Hutt, 25th August, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 4th August, Temple (A)
Adrian Veale, 28th July, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 21st July, Temple (A)
David Clitheroe, 14th July, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 7th July, Temple (A)
Glenys Allinson, 30th June, Temple (A)
Jennie Sleep, 23rd June, Temple (A)
'Home' - Warsan Shire (V)
Rev Tony Cox, Trinity Sunday 16th June, Temple (A)
Rev Ruth Whitehead, Pentecost & Church Anniversary 9th June, Temple (A)
Merlyn Brown, 26th May, Temple (A)
Glenys Allinson, 19th May, Temple (A)
Robert Thompson, 12th May, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, 5th May, Temple (A)
Rev Deborah Kirk, Easter Sunday 21st April, Temple (A)
'A Very Special Easter' - SteelehouseMedia (V)

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