Services & Sermons

Below are extracts from recent services and sermons given at Temple

14th April 2019: Sixth Sunday in Lent

Rev Anthony Huxtable - Palm Sunday

Lenten Liturgy: The Palms.

John 12 : 12 - 15

Prayer: Let the picture of the King on a donkey, be hung in every leader’s gallery;

every politician’s office; every scholar’s library; every minister’s study;

and be seen in every disciple’s life. Amen

Readings: Zechariah 9 : 9 - 12, Psalm 24, Luke 19 : 28 - 44

Hymns: StF 262 All glory, laud and honour

StF 265 Ride on ride on in majesty

StF 326 Jesus comes with all his grace

StF 284 There is a green hill

7th April 2019: Fifth Sunday in Lent

Combined Service with Taunton URC led by Rev Deborah Kirk and Rev Dr Susan Durber

Lenten Liturgy: The Purple Robe.

Mark 15 : 16 – 20

Prayer: Lord Jesus, this robe reminds us of another, touched by a suffering woman

with the faith that she would be healed. Heal our lives too, we pray. Amen.

Readings: Psalm 126; Isaiah 43 : 16 - 21, John 12 : 1 - 8

Hymns: StF 516 What shall I do my God to love

StF 81 Now thank we all our God with hearts and hands and voices

StF 12 Morning glory, starlit sky

StF 566 Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee

Song: Said Judas to Mary, 'Now what will you do with your ointment so rich and so rare?'

31st March 2019: Fourth Sunday in Lent

Rev Mike Parsons - A New Creation

Lenten Liturgy: The crown of thorns.

John 18 : 33 – 38a

Prayer: Lord Jesus, teach us to follow in humility, your way of Truth. Amen.

Readings: Psalm 32, Romans 7: 14 - 25, Corinthians 5: 16 - 21

Hymns: StF 5 Father, in whom we live

StF 494 Come, thou fount of every blessing

H&P 544 Thou hidden love of God, whose height

StF 415 The Church of Christ in every age

StF 416 There's a wideness in God's mercy

24th March 2019: Third Sunday in Lent

Martin Ellis - You cannot serve God and wealth

Lenten Liturgy: The cup and bread.

Matthew 26 : 26 – 29

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we give you thanks that ordinary things, ordinary people,

ordinary lives, are transformed when we place them in your hands. Amen.

Readings: Psalm 49: 1-12, Matthew 6: 19-34

Hymns: StF 91 The God of Abraham praise

StF 718 We lay our broken world in sorrow at your feet

H&P 422 I want a principle within of jealous godly fear

StF641 When circumstances make my life too hard to understand

StF 714 The God who sings a new world into being

H&P 805 Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment we find

17th March 2019: Second Sunday in Lent

Rev Deborah Kirk - Holiness and Justice

Lenten Liturgy: The bowl and towel.

John 13: 1-3, 12

Prayer: Loving Lord, show us through your way of service how we should love

and serve our neighbour. Amen

Readings: Matthew 22: 34 - 40, Amos 5: 21 - 24

Hymns: StF 691 What shall our greeting be?

StF 469 I watch the sunrise lighting the sky

StF 407 Hear the call of the Kingdom

StF 713 Show me how to stand for justice

StF 660 Called by Christ to be disciples

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10th March 2019: First Sunday in Lent

Edward Hosken - Fasting

Lenten Liturgy: The Money Bag.

Matthew 26 : 14 - 16

Prayer: Loving Lord, watch over us always, especially today, lest we betray you like Judas.


Readings: 1 Samuel 7 : 2 - 6, Luke 4 : 1 - 13

Hymns: StF 20 Be still for the presence of the Lord

StF 425 God of forgiveness

StF 236 Forty days and forty nights

StF 240 When we are tested

StF 516 What shall I do my God to love