TRAIDCRAFT plc is a trading company which imports a huge variety of artisan products and groceries from the developing world. All the products are Fairly-traded, the profits going straight to the producers to help them to sustain their families through employment. We are volunteers selling these products locally and can place orders which will be delivered to customers carriage-free.

The way TRAIDCRAFT is organised at Temple will be changing this year. An update will be posted when things are finalised.

A TRAIDCRAFT stall at Temple has been provided after the morning service virtually every month since about 2005. Sunday 19th January 2020 saw the last such stall. Ours thanks to John, Barbara and Anna for the commitment to this worthy cause over the years.

TRAIDCRAFT catalogues are still available to anyone who wishes to peruse at their leisure what TRAIDCRAFT offers or you can see all available products on the TRAIDCRAFT Website -