@Temple is a title devised to reflect the huge range of activities taking place


    Activities take place 7 days a week with dance classes, choirs, meetings, church services and much more

The premises belong to Temple Methodist Church, which functions as a vibrant place of worship - as well as being pleased to share premises with many other groups and people.

You will find details of the Church - on the page bearing that name. Other activities can be found in the Community section or via the calendar which we hope will be comprehensive.

The official address is
Temple Methodist Church, Upper High Street, Taunton.   TA1 3PY
For map and directions, please see the Contact us page.

The phone number is (01823) 275765,
where it will probably be answered by Joanna Rossiter, who is present @Temple a great deal of the time, and offers a welcome to all.

If there are any items of latest news, they will either follow on this page or can be accessed here.